Thursday, June 3, 2010

Base jumping combined with free diving

Produced and edited by BLUENERY (c)

Free fall into water of a natural wonder of the world, like a dream :

Freediver champion Guillaume Nery proposed an unique performance at Dean's Blue Hole (Long Island, Bahamas) the deepest blue hole in the world (202 m - 663 ft).
Geolocalization : Marine GeoGarage

Blue Hole is not only the breathtaking location of this artistic concept video, but it is also the site of Guillaume's successful constant weight (CWT) national French record dive to 115m.
In the same competition in Dean's Blue Hole
(April 2010), Herbert Nitsch moved the world CWT record (deepest self-powered freedive of all time) to 124m.

Another impressive feat - the exquisite footage in this video piece was entirely filmed on breath hold by Julie Gautier, who is also herself a French freediving champion.

Apnea is an inner journey, a positive introspection.

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