Thursday, February 26, 2015

The medieval undersea cable map

From GoogleMapsMania by Keir Clarke

Every year Telegeography create an undersea cable map of the world and every year the map gets better.

The 2015 Submarine Cable map is inspired by medieval and renaissance cartography and features not only a vintage map style but sea monsters, map border illustrations and images showing some of the common causes of cable faults.

The map shows 299 submarine cable systems across the globe, that are active or are under construction.
The border illustrations provide information on the capacity data of some of the major cable routes.
Other inset illustrations provide information on how submarine cables are laid.

A number of  images on the map explain some of the common causes of cable faults.
Some fictional causes of cable faults are also included in the map in the form of mythical sea monsters.
The text provided with each monster includes a reference to which historical map it first appeared on. 

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