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Naughty Boy's Runnin (Lose It All) featuring Guillaume Nery freediver

From Promonews

It's been ready for a while, but now that vocals by Queen Bey have sprinkled stardust on the track, one of the most spectacular videos of the year is finally out.
And Charlie Robins' jawdropping video for Naughty Boy's Runnin (Lose It All) has to be an underwater-shot music video like none before it: a love story of a couple destined to come together by the fact they appear to live (and to run) under the sea.

As with his video for Klangkarussell's Netzwerk last year, Charlie Robins' inspiration has come from studying an extraordinary exponent of an extreme pursuit.

In this case it was free-diving world champion Guillaume Nery, and his filmmaker partner and fellow free-diver Julie Gautier, and their film Ocean Gravity.
It led to a collaboration – and this video has been co-directed by Gautier with Robins - that's a majestic accompaniment to the song.
"It wasn’t an easy video to get off the ground initially, though [commissioner] James Hackett was a firm believer from the moment we pitched Charlie’s idea to him in a brief email," explains producer Sarah Tognazzi.
"Strangely enough, James had already contacted Guillaume & Julie himself when initially hearing the track. This created an enormous synergy from everyone involved to get this video made."

There was only one place that an idea which required Nery to run along the sea-bed, and co-star (and fellow free diving champion) Alice Modolo to run upside down under the surface of the water, could be achieved.
That was a small channel off the coast of Rangiroa, a tiny atoll in French Polynesia, off the coast of Tahiti.
With crystalline waters, 27 C water temperature, a shallow depth of only 15 meters, allowing the sun to light the scene naturally, and the strongest current in the world, this was also where Nery and Gautier shot Ocean Gravity.
"These natural conditions allowed for the magical underwater effects to be achieved entirely in-camera, beautifully shot on the Dragon by Jacques Ballard, who had previously collaborated with Guillaume and Julie," explains Tognazzi.
As a result this video manages that very rare thing - to look impossible and real at the same time.

But the original idea regarding the underwater illusion of walking on water surface was initiated in 2014.

From Inquisitr

A group of freedivers in the Canary Islands have utilized their expertise to film an astonishing video of underwater illusions, in which they appear to walk on water, sit cross-legged on the ocean’s surface, and fly through the void like a superhero, before they are pulled from the sea in a scene reminiscent of a sci-fi movie.
The illusions are the handiwork of brothers Armando and Francisco del Rosario, according to the Daily Mail.
Shot by biologist Armiche Ramos, the stunning footage employs no computer generated effects, relying instead on the abilities the pair have developed as freedivers.
Though several camera tricks were utilized to create the underwater illusions, they amount only to altering its orientation.

"Walking On Water" Illusion

The trio, who call themselves the Ocean Brothers, filmed their illusions as part of an underwater photography competition, World Shoot Out.
Their entry, which was filmed in El Hierro, the smallest of the Canary Islands, won the prize for best short film.
“We didn’t use any special effects, just camera tricks and weights which were hidden inside the wetsuits,” Ramos said.
“People who watch it usually don’t know what’s happening, they think that the images are made by computer.”

The illusions took three years to record, as the freedivers were forced to wait for optimal conditions, according to Barcroft TV.
At one point, filming was suspended for a year, due to an active underwater volcano in the region.
“The location is not always calm and we had to wait for the correct moment for several months at a time,” Ramos noted.
As the video begins, one of the divers can be seen running on the surface of the ocean, though in reality he is inverted underwater. In another segment, a diver sits cross-legged on the water in a similar fashion, before one of them is filmed flying through the underwater world wearing a Superman-like cape.
In the final scenes of the video, one of the divers walks along a rock face, and is pulled out of the sea in a scene reminiscent of the iconic portal from Stargate.

Earlier this year, a group of freedivers in the Atlantic filmed a far different experience while underwater.
As the Inquisitr previously reported, one of the divers was rammed by a whale shark, unaware that the animal was behind him until the last second.
The underwater illusions created by the Ocean Brothers reveal not only the astonishing beauty of the world below the surface, but also the full potential of their skill as freedivers.

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