Saturday, March 1, 2014

Yacht capsizes in surf at Spanish port of Zumaia

A Bavaria 38 yacht, with seven crew on board, enters the narrow channel leading to the port of Zumaia on the Basque coast of Spain this month with dramatic consequences.
'The swell is of medium size, the operation is dangerous, but passable' according to local photographer Gabi Aymat who shot this dramatic capsize video.

A huge wave sweeps on to the boat and rolls it over knocking some of its untethered crew over board.
The good news is that the crew survived and the boat is also safe, surviving its roll without any serious damage, according to Aymat.

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  • This 10 shot sequence was captured at the small Spanish port of Zumaia on the Bay Of Biscay
    by David Rascon ( The Oceanis 46 made it past the breaking harbor
    entrance, however we are not sure if the crew shorts survived the e-ticket ride.

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