Sunday, March 13, 2022

Free to dive - A discovery journey into apnea

Human and water. A relationship that dates back to our origins.
Immersed for 9 months, already at our birth we have the reflexes of apnea. But what toddlers can achieve- others, much older are incapable of doing.
Sam is aquaphobic and is about to face a gigantic challenge, as in 3 months she’s departing to Philippines in order to learn freediving.
Followed by Janosh (scuba diver), Lucie (yoga practitioner) and Remy (surfer) - 3 other beginner divers with whom she’ll learn the foundations of this incredible sport.
But will they succeed ?
Descending 10 or 15 meters deep when you are afraid of water seems rather impossible.
Through different portraits we will question the human relationship with water, while discovering that freediving is much more accessible than we imagined.
An internal journey which will push each of the participants to pass their limits and to reconquer their element of origin.

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