Sunday, November 29, 2020

Satellites : LeoView visualization

Founded in 2015, LeoLabs relies on radar stations located in Alaska, Texas and New Zealand to track low orbit satellite constellations (i.e. telecommunications and Earth observation satellites such as SPOT, Sentinel or Pleiades).
It offers its monitoring and potential conflict detection services in the form of subscriptions via a web interface : LeoView.
Good news for the simple curious that we are, this interface, with reduced functions, is also accessible to the general public without registration.
On LeoView, anyone can follow all the satellites in orbit in real time, search by satellite name, country of origin, altitude, etc., and display a layer of more than 15,000 pieces of debris.
Eventually, the company will multiply its radars (a fourth is under construction in Costa Rica) in order to amplify and refine its measurements.
Admittedly, the scales of representation of the satellites are not respected, which gives a false impression of space congestion, but the visualisation of the virtual globe remains very fluid and impressive.
To be tested, if only for fun.

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