Friday, May 1, 2020

GeoCuba : 25th anniversary this Workers' Day

GEOCUBA Business Group celebrates this Workers' Day on the 25th anniversary of its constitution.

GEOCUBA Estudios Marinos, created in 1995 as part of the GEOCUBA Business Group, inherited a vast experience of more than forty years from the Cuban Institute of Hydrography.
Today the company has experienced professionals and technicians in specialties related to the marine environment.

GEOCUBA Estudios Marinos has as its business objective to research, design, execute and market its products and services in the activities of hydrography, oceanography, geology and geophysics, coastal engineering and hydrotechnical works projects, cartography and nautical publications, geoinformatics and spatial data infrastructures, consultancy and training, of maritime and port services, specialized diving, navigation aids and maritime signaling projects, environmental and conservation studies, vulnerability and risk mitigation studies, in addition to providing specialized scientific-technological services, consulting and training, related to the activities of its corporate purpose.

GEOCUBA Estudios Marinos belongs to different national and international professional and scientific organizations and societies.
It is a member of the Hydrographic and Geodesic Service of the Republic of Cuba, which in turn is a member of the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) and the Regional Hydrographic Commission of Mesoamerica and the Caribbean Sea (MACHC).

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