Sunday, October 27, 2019

Largest ship ever to transit Corinth Canal

On October 9, the cruise ship Braemar made history, as it became the longest ever ship to cruise through the Corinth Canal in Greece.
It takes precision navigation for this ship to steer through a skinny canal. 
The 24-meter-wide canal connects the Saronic Gulf with the Gulf of Corinth.

Corinth canal in the GeoGarage platform (NGA nautical chart)

The Corinth Canal is just large enough to accommodate the 22.5-meter wide Braemar.

While transiting, the ship was close enough to the canal's sides, that guests could almost touch the walls, informs Clare Ward, director of product for Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines.
Braemar is currently on a 25-night tour of the Greek islands and the Peloponnese.
In the following video you can a first-person timelapse of the ship's transit through the canal.

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