Saturday, August 31, 2019

Posidonia en las cartas nauticas de Formentera

A turquoise blue sea, white sand banks and the dark green of Posidonia Meadows are the colors with which Formentera receives the visitor.

Purity and Clarity of its waters, filtered by the largest and oldest living being in the world, The Oceanic Posidonia, with its 8 km of extension and 100,000 years of age, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, offers visitors unique beaches in the Mediterranean.

Posidonia seagrass symbols in rasterized ENC from IHM for the Formentera island
with the GeoGarage platform

IHM paper maps
St. Wd. info for Stones & Weed 

Campaign “to support” Posidonia
Help with anchorage in the Balearic islands

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