Saturday, September 30, 2017

Ouessant, au souffle du vent

 from Arte
The last stopover before America, Ouessant is nicknamed "the end of the world".
A documentary with a poetic breath of breath on this island of Finistère eternally submitted to the whims of the wind.
Raising anchor for Ouessant is taking to the sea.
The island is regularly swept by spectacular storms.
The unreal light varies there at any moment and gives these few arpents of land an atmosphere out of time.
Ouessant has never changed its face: no tall buildings but simple and rustic houses.
Its nine hundred inhabitants are deeply attached to their environment.
Their word is sober and straightforward.
They all live to the rhythm of the wind, an omnipresent element.
The stroll of director Raphaëlle Aellig Régnier follows this red thread and reveals to us the powerful, violent and poetic nature of this small stone on the ocean.

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