Wednesday, December 3, 2014

France SHOM update in the Marine GeoGarage

new update in the France (SHOM) layer

1 chart has been added & 1 chart withdrawn since the last update (March 2014) :

  • 7659   De Cabo de Gata à Cabo de Las Huertas et de Cap Milonia à Cap Ivi (replacing chart 3678   Côte de l'Algérie (1ère feuille), d'Alger à la frontière du Maroc)
All the other charts have been updated according to the new editions :

Note : in our catalogue of 597 charts from SHOM, we have also temporary withdrawn in this new update some charts mainly in foreign areas managed by SHOM which were badly georeferenced (local datum issues)
- for example (list non exhaustive)6624, 6688, 6689, 6690, 6691, 6692, 7014, 7504, 7507 ...
All these charts will be re-include in a next update on our GeoGarage platform.

By the way some of our users ask us why some general charts -which are displayed in the official portal of the SHOM - are not displayed in the GeoGarage.
The reason is that these charts are facsimilés of international (INT) charts from UKHO, IHM Spain, IIM Italia or NHS Norway for example : so these charts have some copyrights which are not managed by our commercial license with SHOM
- for example (list non exhaustive)6608 (NO301), 6618 (GB4102), 6898 (NL2003-GB 4402), 7015 (ES4C), 7210 (GB2649), 7292 (IT434)....

Today 751 charts including sub-charts from SHOM material are displayed in the Marine GeoGarage.

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