Saturday, February 15, 2014

Petra storm in aerial pictures

"Yesterday, with my trusty pilot Thierry Leygnac and Christophe Potter, my assistant with me for 16 years, we had the deep feeling of never having experimented so many emotions flying in a storm on our shores !

Other pictures of the storm with Benoit Stichelbaut

 Storm Petra, February 5th, Pointe du Raz, France. 
Erik Brin

 Ar Men by Charles Marion

 Petra (February 5th) in the fishing harbour of Porthleven (Cornwall)
photo Bernie Pettersen

Links :
  • Vimeo : Petra storm, port Coton Belle-Ile (02/2014) by Louis-Alban Kim
  • Vimeo : shooting helico by Valery Joncheray
  • YouTube : Ruth storm (8 au 9 février 2014) by Nefertiti Productions

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