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World nautical maps : a new layer from NGA catalogue

>>> geolocalization with the Marine GeoGarage <<<

NGA charts are offered for viewing as an additional service for all the countries which don't directly produce nautical charts.

As charts produced by NGA may contain information from other than United States Government sources, copyright restrictions from the country of origin continue to exist in NGA chart content.
(All Rights Reserved).
"The NGA charts are based on "source" data provided by foreign hydrographic offices and therefore these data are subject to foreign copyright as is shown within the "Source Diagrams" on each of the NGA nautical charts."

Today, the Marine GeoGarage got the official authorizations from the different national authorities for the publication of NGA nautical maps for the following countries :

  • Haïti,
  • Honduras,
  • Antigua/Barbuda,
  • Belize,
  • Anguilla BVI,
  • Guinea,
  • Gambia,
  • Tanzania
Maps displayed today :
  • 21521    Golfo de Fonseca
  • 21529    Bahia de La Union and Approaches
  • 21530    La Union
  • 25570    Approach to Antigua
  • 25575    Northern Antigua
  • 25575A    Saint John's Harbour
  • 25608E    Plans of the Leeward Islands E.Approach to Barbuda
  • 25613    Approaches to Anguilla
  • 26141    Canal de la Tortue
  • 26141A    Port de Paix
  • 26141B    Rade de la Basse Terre
  • 26142    Approaches to Cap-Haitien and Bahia de Monte Cristi
  • 26143    Bahia de Monte Cristi (Dominican Republic)
  • 26145A    Manzanillo
  • 26145B    Fort Liberte and Manzanillo Plans: A. Manzanillo
  • 26145C    Baie Sud-Est
  • 26146    Cap-Haitien
  • 26147A    Plans in Haiti : Mole Saint-Nicolas
  • 26147B    Plans in Haiti : Anse d'Hainault
  • 26147C    Plans in Haiti : Jérémie
  • 26147D    Plans in Haiti : Port de Cap-Haïtien
  • 26148    Baie de l'Acul and Approaches (Haiti)
  • 26181    Golfe de la Gonave
  • 26182    Gonaives
  • 26184    Approach to Port-au-Prince
  • 26186    Port-au-Prince (Haiti)
  • 26187    Baie de Saint-Marc
  • 26188A    Plans in the Golfe de la Gonave : Saint-Marc
  • 26188B    Plans in the Golfe de la Gonave : Miragoâne
  • 26188C    Plans in the Golfe de la Gonave : Lafiteau
  • 26188D    Plans in the Golfe de la Gonave : Petit Goâve
  • 26203    Pointe I'Abacou to Baie d'Aquin
  • 26203A    Cayes
  • 26206A    Aquin and Jacmel (Haiti-South Coast) Plan : Aquin
  • 26207    Jacmel
  • 26210    Navassa Island to Cabo Beata
  • 26210A    Navassa Island to Cap Tiburon
  • 28103    Cayos Vivorillo, Becerro and Caratasca
  • 28103A    Cayos Becerro
  • 28103B    Cayos Vivorillo
  • 28125    Isla de Guanaja (Caribbean Sea-Honduras)
  • 28140    Northern Reaches to Cabo Gracias a Dios
  • 28142    Puerto Castilla
  • 28143    Isla de Utila (Honduras)
  • 28143A    Bancos Salmedina
  • 28150A    Barra de Caratasca to Tela Panels : Cabo Farallones to Tela
  • 28150B    Barra de Caratasca to Cabo Farallones
  • 28150C    Islas Santanilla
  • 28151    Approaches to Puerto Castilla
  • 28153    Coxen Hole and French Harbor
  • 28153A    French Harbor
  • 28154    Approaches to La Ceiba
  • 28161    Tela Harbor
  • 28167    Ambergris Cay to Pelican Cays
  • 28170    Approaches to Puerto Cortes (Gulf of Honduras)
  • 28171    Approaches to Puerto de Tela (Gulf of Honduras)
  • 51160    Cabo de Sao Vicente to the Strait of Gibraltar
  • 51562    River Gambia Entrance
  • 51562A    Banjul
  • 51600    Cap Verga to Cape Sierra Leone (West Coast of Africa)
  • 61190    Dar Es Salaam to Mchinga Bay
  • 61191A    Dar es Salaam harbor
  • 61191B    Dar es Salaam and Adjoining Anchorages
  • 61200    Dar es Salaam to Mombasa Harbor
  • 61203    Approaches to Zanzibar (Zanzibar Island)
  • 61204    Zanzibar Harbor (Zanzibar Island) 
Other contacts are made with other countries for future publications in the Marine GeoGarage platform. 

Dar Es Salaam (from BA sources 1974)
>>> geolocalization with the Marine GeoGarage <<<

Some NGA charts use old survey materials and are not regularly updated 
(NOT corrected for Notice to Mariners).
So use these charts as a ready reference or in situational awareness or as a planning tool.

All NGA charts and maps are for reference purpose only.

These charts are for countries where no locally produced RNCs exist.
NGA charts are quite a bit out of date (15 - 30 years) - not even updated for their own NOTAMs.
But they can be used for a general area coverage and passage planning or "armchair sailing" at home.

For more information about NGA products, visit the NGA website.
To report any NGA chart discrepancies, please send an email to

Note : some NGA charts for North America, Western Africa, Mediterranean, Black Sea, Eastern Asia, South Eastern Russia, Philippines remain also available for viewing on the NOAA website.

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