Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Drop of the Ocean : preserve the oceans buying a wave

The world's oceans need to be protected.
My Drop of the Ocean is where you can sponsor your favorite beach and donate your time and skills to the
Surfrider Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to protect our oceans, waves and beaches.

So answer the call of the
Surfrider Foundation Europe to talk about the project My Drop of the Ocean .
Created in Europe in 1990 by 3 time World Surfing Champion Tom Curren, today it gathers more 3500 members and is represented by local chapters across France and Europe.
This site is part of a campaign (for care about environment and protection of beaches) and mobilization (gathering donations and applications for volunteering) : the money raised will go towards preserving the oceans.

The principle is simple: collecting donations offering bits of beach or waves.
They call it the drops (1 drop = 1 euro).

Follow these following steps to get started :
  • choose a destination from the map on your right
  • this is when you'll be asked to create a free account
  • when on the map, use + or - to locate your beach (or you can simply go straight to one on the more popular beaches)
  • zoom down until a grid appears
  • now click on 'select your drop'
  • make your selection then click on 'sponsor this drop of the ocean'.
PS: don't spend too much time to choose your boxes, so consuming electricity (hence the release of CO2)...

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