Friday, February 18, 2011

Netherlands NLHO, a new chart layer in the Marine GeoGarage

Marine GeoGarage is glad to announce a new chart layer with Netherlands maps coming from the Netherlands Hydrographic Office (NLHO).

1800-series charts are issued mainly for smaller SOLAS shipping (Safety Of Life At Sea) and recreational purposes.
The series consist of 8 atlases with an average of 9 charts (loose-leaf).
The charts cover the Netherlands and Belgian coasts, the Wadden Sea, the IJsselmeer and the Zeeland delta area (but not Caribbean Sea, Netherlands Antilles, Aruba and Surinam).

As far as practicable the 1800-series charts are consistent with the corresponding paper nautical charts, however chart scale, bathymetry and symbolisation may differ.
Maritime limits are not charted in the 1800 series.

79 charts (228 including sub-charts -see list-) are reproduced with the permission of the Netherlands Hydrographic Office.

Don't forget to visit the
Notices to Mariners published by NLHO for corrections on Netherlands nautical charts (Lists).

Note : the 'UK & misc.' layer also proposes 26 maps for Netherlands because UKHO also manages third-parties copyrights for some other international Hydrographic Services (including NLHO)

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