Wednesday, September 8, 2010

30 years old Asian sheepshead wrasse owed residuals from Shrek

This video right & credit belongs to (WYFF)

And you thought Shrek liked hanging out only in his swamp.
Turns out there's a fish that greatly resembles the green ogre swimming off the coast of Japan.

A buzzy video shot by a scuba diver made its way to WYFF the NBC television affiliate based in Greenville, South Carolina.
The station explains that this particular fish is an Asian Sheepshead Wrasse, and it is relatively common.

What's less common is that this particular fish, estimated to be about 30 years old, bears a startling resemblance to the grouchy ogre. The head, the chin, the beady eyes — it's all there.

The bulgyhead wrasse, an odd-looking, meter-long fish with bulbous head that is found in waters off Sado Island in northern Japan, was featured in the film "Oceans".
A big rock is sinking deeply under the sea and it is called the Red Rock.
Several fishes live there and nobody attempt to catch them; then they are not afraid of human, and never run away.
They eat shellfishes, have strong teeth and grow big.

The bulgyhead wrasse species, or kobudai in Japanese, is affectionately known to local divers as the benkei fish because its head resembles a lump said to have been on the forehead of the legendary warrior monk Musashibo Benkei of the Heian period (794-1192).

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